Monday, 30 January 2012

How would you...

Hello S2-08,

1) After learning the netball playing positions, how would you:

i) decide which position you would play?

ii) decide which position your teammate would play?

2) How can reserves / players with injuries still contribute to the team?

Please comment...

Mr. Patrick Hiap


  1. 1 i) I can decide my playing position by asking my teammates which position I am best in. / I can play the position that I am good or confident at.

    1 ii) We can find each other's strengths and allow him/ her to play that position he/she is good at. E.g. If he is good at visually finding open teammates and passes well, he can play as the Centre position.

    2) From outside the court, they can help the team to find out the opponents strengths and weaknesses. Or they can also tell their team why they cannot score goals, how can they work this out, etc.

  2. I would ask my teammates on what my advantage in the game is, and that would be a suitable position.
    I will recall my observations of him/her during the game and deduce which position would be the most suitable.
    Reserves and Players with injuries can while off the court, observe the opposing team on their strengths and weaknesses, and their team on improvements to be made or maybe different positions to take.